About Us

Our Mission

On top of providing any and all communication services, Omega Networks creates a service experience unmatched by other network providers. Our team of networking experts and customer service professionals revolve around client needs 24/7. Omega Networks—the last networking decision you’ll have to make.


We are a complete network solutions provider.

Omega Networks is a network provider that specializes in Dedicated Bandwidth, Private Line Ethernet, and Voice services (VoIP) to ISP’s, School Districts and Universities, Healthcare organizations, governmental facilities, and large enterprises using primarily fiber optics for connectivity. We are directly connected with providers such as  Google, YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple and many others through direct peering partnerships.

Peering allows our customers to exchange data with these providers using the shortest route and highest speeds possible.

90% of our traffic is exchanged via a direct peering partnership.

If you have a specific requirement for peering, we will do everything we can to facilitate it for you.

How Omega Networks benefits you:

  • We have the capability and expertise to deliver the amount of bandwidth you require at a competitive price while maintaining top notch quality.
  • We also have capacity to meet any ongoing bandwidth needs your organization may have.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated customer service agent and be provided their direct cell phone number should you have a need.
  • You will never have to call into a system and be routed through a phone answering tree.


Omega Networks has been a telecom service provider since the early 1990’s.  Since that time, our company has become a nationwide provider specializing in Dedicated Bandwidth, Private Line Ethernet  and Voice services to Large ISPs, City Governments, School Districts, Universities and Enterprise customers.

Our service and support are second to none. We provide real‑time, 24‑hour monitoring, our SLA will guarantee 99.999% (5 nines) up time of our network and your circuit(s). All customers have a dedicated, one‑on‑one account specialist. You will be provided the account specialist cell number for 24‑hour access should the need arise.

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