Technology is redefining the our modern healthcare system. Today, hospitals and clinics are moving their operations to cloud-based solutions and digitizing old records and images for better communication and accessibility of information. Additionally, the increase of mobile healthcare applications (Telehealth) extends the reach of quality healthcare to remote locations.

Healthcare organizations looking to implement these technological advances need to ensure their network is focused on privacy, stability, and high-performance to meet the bandwidth demands.

Benefits of Omega Networks

We understand that as a healthcare provider, you are committed to providing the best patient care and we are committed to providing the high-performance network required for optimum patient safety, treatment, and engagement.

With Omega your network can:

  • Support the continued growth of digital health and big data
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Out deliver the bandwidth demands of your customers
  • Leverage our fiber backbone to improve your speed & resiliency
  • Build your own custom dark fiber network or request a fully managed network
  • Depend on an expert, local technical support team
  • Rely on full-time monitoring (24/7/365) by Network Operations Center (NOC)

Rural Health Care Program

If your healthcare facility needs funding support for quality network solutions, you may qualify for the Rural Health Care Program which supports reduced rates for broadband and telecom services. Learn more about their two sub programs: the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program and the Telecommunications (Telecom) Program.

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