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Is your school prepared for future bandwidth demands?

The FCC recommends that the minimum bandwidth requirements of a school today is 100Mbps per 1,000 students, and for the future they recommend 1Gbps per 1,000 students. With the inclusion of e-learning, tablets, computers, video streaming, and faculty conferencing, the bandwidth requirements for preparing students is on a steep climb.

Omega Networks has over 15 years providing networking solutions to K-12 education facilities. Our advanced fiber-based communication infrastructure supports teachers, students and school administrators with a highly scalable, fast, and stable network that meets todays educational demands and is prepared to scale with future demands.

Future generations depend on the foundations laid today. We can design the right solution for you, so you can focus on providing the best education to your students.

Challenges Faced by K-12/Higher Education

Many K-12 district networks are pushing towards smart classrooms that leverage modern technology to deliver great digital learning experiences. Due to BYOD mobile learning, these schools need a higher density of wireless capabilities in the classroom.

As usage of internet-connected devices increases, so does the threat of sophisticated cybersecurity attackers. School districts need a network that places security as the highest priority.

We understand that schools also need to mitigate the added cost and complexity that typically comes with a network upgrade. Upgrades often require adding many unnecessary and expensive devices that need to be managed, but Omega Networks provides state-of-the-art networking solutions with a focus on speed, security, and simplicity. Whether you need dedicated internet access, or a custom network built on our dark fiber lines, we can develop the right solution customized to your specific needs and managed by our expert support team.

E-Rate Support is Available

If your school or library needs funding support for quality network solutions, we are proud to offer education solutions through the E-Rate process.

Learn more the E-Rate Program

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