Dark Fiber Solutions

Take control of your own organization’s network by leveraging our dark fiber lines. Our dark fiber customers have the benefit of complete flexibility in bandwidth, SLAs, equipment and management levels. You combine your own equipment with the power of our fiber rings, point-to-point, multi-point and wavelength division multiplexing configurations.

What is a dark fiber network?

Often times companies like Omega Networks lay more lines than what’s necessary to reduce our costs in repeating this work in the future. These unused fiber-optic cable that we lay, in advance, are referred to as dark fiber lines. We lease these dark fiber strands our customers who want to establish optical connections among their own locations using their own equipment to make it functional.

Benefits of our dark fiber networks:

  • Maximum network scalability and flexibility by letting your organization to provide and maintain your own equipment
  • Completely dedicated fiber strands provide the ultimate security
  • Direct operational control of your organization’s network
  • The option to replace all of your network’s equipment so your network remains up-to-date with modern standards
  • Management levels that suit your specific needs

Is Omega Networks Dark Fiber right for your organization?

Speed, security, and control are growing requirements for many large education, healthcare, government, enterprise, and carrier organizations. For these customers, maximum bandwidth capabilities, complete end-to-end security and control are a must for their network. If your organization has these same requirements, a dark fiber solution may be best suited for you.

Omega Networks stands out in this field for our many years of experience and knowledge of developing these custom solutions for organizations that represent these high demand industries. Our dedicated team of experts care about providing exceptional support to you so you can provide the same level of care for your customers.

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