Dedicated Internet Access

Your organization needs to have a fast and reliable network that you can count on. Large organizations need a permanent, dedicated high-speed internet connection to fast enough for today and scalable for the future.

Omega Networks offers a complete dedicated network delivered through our fiber internet backbone for optimal connectivity between you and the internet.

How can Omega Networks help my business?

Guaranteed Bandwidth – decide on the speed they require, purchase it and rely on it to be the same speed, every minute of the day. (Predictable and dependable)

Synchronous upload and download speeds – Fast upload speed is important if your company has a lot of remote users, cloud apps, VoIP, etc.  Less expensive, shared Internet connections typically have a fast download speed and a significantly slower upload speed. For instance, it’s common to see an inexpensive shared Internet connection with a maximum download speed of 100M and a maximum upload speed of only 10M.

Better Throughput – With some shared internet access plans you may experience a slow internet connection even though a speed test might show that you have high bandwidth. Dedicated internet access guarantees a faster and more reliable connection than shared plans.

Service Level Agreement – Because our dedicated internet access is so reliable, Omega Networks offers a service level agreement that guarantees the speed you pay for.

Omega Networks delivers a high speed, on-demand network built on a foundation of security and privacy

What expectations will our customers receive?

  • Highly scalable, dedicated fiber network
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Direct connections with Tier 1 ISPs
  • 99.99% availability or greater
  • Technical support
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Managed by a local technical support team
  • Full-time monitoring (24/7/365) by Network Operations Center (NOC)
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